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Let me show you kinda where at here right here is see people loading stuff under their this boat stuff in the markets, I don’t know after all in the island and this is the only access they can get or live among the ocean here.

And just come up through here and load up their boats and go back where they gonna go and but is this pretty cool.

But is this the market will take a stroll this way, you know i have to hit the market when I am here. This I’m surely they have different types of fish and different things. You know this market among the ocean here, this is the hotspot but I don’t know is about 10 o’clock something like that 10 in the morning. EXOTIC WET FISH MARKET

Dapa Fish Market

Here’s the market I’m gonna start, I start it one and going through and check it out from what I told that’s the port there in-take ship to share a gallon and bring it to share a gallon in here that the main port brings stuff.

Here it is here is the market, to see what I got what kind of fish to day….so fresh the ocean right here.

Here it is WHAT KIND OF FISH? WHAT FISH? WHAT IS THAT? Panggud, crocodile. We got tuna fish to check out this place.

Hello what is this fish? Solid, What is this fish ? Sword fish? Shell fish ? What is this fish ? Hito fish? What is this fish? Lipte

What is this fish? Sibog

What else to day have here . I have seen this fish before.

That pretty much is it what is this fish? Sunugan its almost look like an crocodile no feet very nice

Here it is here’s the market we where up here look whats up here. Last week and i had footage of head shark meat here and they have a stinger meat guess, what i lost that footage so but anyway where up here right now and we’re having some grabbing some fresh seafood.

and of course they have meat here and pork and they have bag full of chicken feet Wow…. thats a lot of chicken feet talk about a massive party and here more chicken, hotdog more pork thats it that the market.

Do it Early Morning

What you imagine when you come here early in the morning? You’ll a walking in the circle you prepared to find a lot of different type of exotic fish but.

Guess it is round i don’t know 10 to 11 o’clock something like that we take little walking out here. Show you this area the market here oh your eggs, fruits, vegetables, bananas,ginger, garlic, calamansi, onions, pepper, root crops and sweet potatoes here the rice.

Yeah guys i raised that video from the other day FRIENDLY PEOPLE HERE

they have shark meat here and sting here its was cool fruit strand.

This is mahimahi that’s nice look at that, right here where we at this guy pulling up their boats they bring a fish up here in the market and a we will make a deal with these people and turn around and then sell it to a market here so the matter be in here in the right time and catch what is come in of the ocean and sell it.

Let Them Grill the Fish For You.

Look at is they have a grill right here look at that what kind of fish? Stonefish and some of the tuna fish and that a blue marlin oh right I guess you can bring at here your fish and cook it up for you or they sell it but here it is here’s the market DAPA MARKET

And another market here people selling their vegetables fruits and everything and here a friendly people

Let go hang up to the ocean we will catch something fresh.

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