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Good bye City, Hello Siargao Island

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It was 2018 when I first came to Siargao. When I got off the plane and the hot summer breeze blew, that was the moment I knew I wanted to be here. My heart was already at ease.

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Everytime I go out to visit the beach and wait for the sun to set I have always thought “I am here, and I am glad to be here.” My thoughts about this island had always stayed positive despite the problems I encounter.

It was January 2020 when I have decided to finally stay here on the island. I was problematic. It was chaos inside my head and there was never a time when I wasn’t thinking about leaving everyone behind. Literally. I was already glad I left my shs because of the toxicity of most of the people there. I still can’t believe why some people just can’t mind their own business. They will always have business regarding your business. It stressed me out. I wanted to be where no one knew me. I wanted a fresh start.

Good bye City, Hello Siargao Island – Anndrea Nualda

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When I was in the city I reached the point where I wanted to just give up and give in to the voices in my head. Yeah, I guess some people could say I was crazy. I was tired. I couldn’t fight my battles anymore, I used to cut myself for relief so that I wouldn’t leave reality. I used to do it every night or every other night because the darkness usually gets the best of me. I couldn’t take it anymore and I knew that when i come here I’d be fine. So I did. With the help of my aunt and uncle who loved me so much and accepted me despite everything.

Whenever I see the sunrise I’d always smile because I already feel lighter. I don’t cut anymore. I have healed. This island is my happy place. Being in this island is my healing. It is only here in Siargao where I look forward to every waking moment. It is when I feel giddy knowing that the next morning would be another day and I know that it would be wonderful. This island is totally full of wonders. This island is where I belong and this is where I wanna be. It does not judge you for what you wear and it does not judge you for being with the people you are with. The island is loving and understanding and it always provides.

I have met a lot of people and shared stories with them, most of the people I’ve met have similarities with mine. We just want to live a life free from stress and judgement. We have this little bubble of safety and we understand each other on this island. Good bye City, Hello Siargao Island

In this island is where I felt most alive. I have always wanted to live a laid-back kind of life and this is where I found it. You can both work and still have fun. There is just life everywhere, there’s surfing, volleyball, basketball, you can get coconuts from the trees, grill chicken or pork, you can eat watermelon or pineapple by the beach, you can always go swimming. There is always so much fun things to do. Everything is walking distance! You get out of your place and there are bars outside, there’s the boulevard if you want balut! Or if you are grocery shopping you got Tag or if you want to eat bbq you have the Catangnan bbq, if you wanna play billiards there’s Barrel or if you wanna drink nice Sangria there’s the Hola Bar, you get your dried leaves for tea at Vinta or get your clothes washed at Lemon Laundry. This island has everything we need. Need sandals? There’s Malayah! Need to get tattooed? There’s Rad and there’s chest!
Party? EVERYWHERE! BASO? TANDUAY! Good bye City, Hello Siargao Island

In my life I’ve always dreamt of living without worries. When I found Siargao I also found myself. I have always felt like I am lost, that I have nowhere to run but to hug my knees and cry. This island brought me to my healing and I can say that I have no regrets. Coming here had always been my best decision in life. I thank the universe again and again for letting this happen, I know I am destined to be here.

We don’t need designer bags, or super nice shoes, or the clothes that you aren’t supposed to wear twice or the tons of makeup you have to wear and the amount of whitening soap you have to use to maintain you fair skin ain’t needed in this island.

In this island we are simple, just wear slippers, maong or whatever shorts and cropped top and you are ready to go. I already said good bye to those City life essentials a long time ago and fell inlove with the ones the island offers.

So I am thankful to the two person who made this possible, to my aunt, Belle and my uncle, Daniel thank you for accepting me into your household.

And to all the people I’ve met on the island thank you.

Anndrea Nualda – Good bye City, Hello Siargao Island

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