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Yassi Pressman shared her experience in the Island of Siargao

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Get back to the beginning,

No matter how well you do,

Take the risk,

Magawa mo man in the beginning o hindi,

Don’t give up,

Kaya mo yan,

Try again

Yassi Pressman

Yassi on her Instagram Account

In Siargao I realized that my first couple of surfing lessons were very similiar to the way I take care of my mental health.

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I needed some time to get away. I spontaneously planned a trip to the beach with no itenirary/schedule and ended up trying to learn how to surf.

To find some of the best surf spots in Siargao a boat has to drop you off in the middle of the ocean, then you got to paddle to get to the waves, and on some days you got to paddle really FAAAAAAR. It was hard because I wasn’t used to using so much of my upper body, and going against the current just to get to the starting point, wasn’t easy at all.

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Then, when I got to the line, kelangan patient ka, kasi madami pang ibang nakaabang. The actual wait for the wave makes me nervous….there is a lot of suspense and build up. 

It was very challenging for me to get up on my board, you have to time when to push up and keep your form. When I finally did it, the next thing I thought about was trying to balance in the rush of it all and stand up steady on my board. Or else I’ll fall…

Before I actually got to ride a wave to the end, there were many moments like this. Lol.

When you actually fall, you must think fast, don’t panic (which was hard considering you are actually being pulled by the waves under the water, right?) anyway, STAY RELAXED. You have to get some air then paddle for your life so that the next couple of waves do not come at you hard, and you won’t get in the way of any other person possibly surfing your way.

I kept telling myself “ugh. So much work… palpak naman…
sayang… but it’s okay, it’s okay Yass, just breathe…
paddle out of the chaos.
Take a couple of breaths in a spot where the waves are calmer,
and when you are ready….
Start paddling back…
Get back to the beginning,
No matter how well you do,
Take the risk,
Magawa mo man in the beginning o hindi,
Don’t give up,
Kaya mo yan,
Try again.”

Sharing this story, cause I felt like it did me well.
Hope this story also encourages others to keep believing in themselves,
Don’t give up!
Take care of yourself, your mental health, your peace,
Find people and places that make you happy.

#worldmentalhealthday 🤍

with Andi Eigenmann and Family

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