Local Government Unit (LGU) Submit Form

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Please use the form below to update the information about your municipality. To ensure accuracy, we kindly ask that only authorized tourism officers or staff to complete this form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Municipality Name / Municipality History / Introduction / Previews Mayors / Incumbent Mayor
Name of Fiesta / Dates / Patrons / and others you want to mention under events.
If there’s information you want to add in the current pages setup, feel free to put or discuss it here. If none, put the word (N/A)

These are the nine (9) tourism offices page you can visit that offer different local tourist spots destination.

Municipality of Burgos
Municipality of Dapa
Municipality of Del Carmen
Municipality of General Luna
Municipality of Pilar
Municipality of San Benito
Municipality of San Isidro
Municipality of Sta. Monica
Municipality of Socorro