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LGU Del Carmen in PMAC-2023 – Mayor JR Coro

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iNFOCUS: LGU Del Carmen in PMAC-2023!

Mayor JR Coro represents the municipality of Del Carmen in the PMAC-2023 Main Conference with its theme, “Making the World a Better Place, Making Yourself a Better Person.” The Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) is a multi-stakeholder forum that brings together global health experts, policymakers, and practitioners around critical health priorities. The forum enables meaningful technical conversations and collaborations, emphasizing policy and private sector accountability.

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Policymakers, stakeholders and the local government units can use information generated from cost-benefit analysis and make informed, evidence-based decisions to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of climate interventions with dual benefits to public health.


LGU Del Carmen in PMAC-2023
LGU Del Carmen in PMAC-2023
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Municipality of Del Carmen, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines LGU Del Carmen in PMAC-2023

The participation of Mayor JR Coro in the PMAC-2023 Main Conference can have several positive impacts, including

  1. Enhancing the municipality of Del Carmen’s reputation: By attending an international conference focused on improving global health and well-being, Mayor JR Coro and the municipality of Del Carmen demonstrate their commitment to contributing to positive change and can gain recognition and respect for their efforts.
  2. Facilitating collaboration and partnerships: The conference serves as a platform for experts and practitioners in the global health community to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, which can lead to collaborations and partnerships that can contribute to addressing critical health priorities.
  3. Identifying and addressing pressing health issues: The conference provides an opportunity to discuss pressing health issues and identify strategies and policies that can be implemented to address these issues. By participating in the conference, Mayor JR Coro and the municipality of Del Carmen can gain valuable insights and information that can inform their decision-making and policy development.
  4. Promoting accountability: The conference emphasizes accountability in both policy and private sectors, which can promote transparency, ethical behavior, and responsible decision-making. Mayor JR Coro’s participation in the conference can demonstrate his commitment to accountability and encourage others to do the same.

Overall, Mayor JR Coro’s participation in the PMAC-2023 Main Conference can contribute to positive change and help to address critical health priorities while also enhancing the reputation of the municipality of Del Carmen.

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