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Empowering Youths in Del Carmen: Project AMIGA’s Green and Sustainable Menstrual Education

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In a remarkable collaboration, the Rotary Club of Midtown Quezon City joined hands with the LGU-Del Carmen to conduct “Project AMIGA” on February 18, 2023. This groundbreaking initiative aimed to provide Accessible Menstrual Education in Achieving Green and Sustainable Lifestyle (AMIGA) to the youth of Del Carmen. Led by the Del Carmen Youth Initiative (DCYI) organization, the event took place at the Municipal Hall in Del Carmen, Siargao Island.

Project AMIGA’s Impactful Activities:

The highlight of the event was the Mangrove Planting activity at the Del Carmen Mangrove forest area. The youth enthusiastically participated in this eco-friendly endeavor, reinforcing their commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation.

Furthermore, an engaging open forum was organized to address the youths’ Reproductive Health concerns. The forum provided a safe and inclusive space for discussions on menstrual health and hygiene, breaking taboos, and promoting awareness about women’s well-being.

Haliya Products for Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene:

As a part of Project AMIGA, the participants received Haliya pads and cups. Haliya is a reputed brand dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual hygiene products. By distributing these products, the initiative not only promotes green living but also ensures that young individuals have access to quality menstrual care, empowering them to pursue their dreams unhindered by societal limitations.

Appreciation for Rotary Club:

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to the Rotary Club for their invaluable support in making Project AMIGA a resounding success. Their dedication to community welfare and sustainable development has left a lasting impact on the youth of Del Carmen.

Project AMIGA exemplifies the significance of education and awareness in promoting sustainable lifestyles and reproductive health among the youth. Through this remarkable initiative, Del Carmen’s young generation has not only learned about environmentally conscious practices but also experienced firsthand the power of collective action in driving positive change.

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Municipality of Del Carmen, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

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