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How to Make GoPro Cinematic | 5 Tips for Beginners

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Have you ever watch a GoPro launch video or a commercial and then gone out and tried to recreate it, and look back at your footage and been like somethings wrong? How do they make these incredible cinematic shots? We will share these 5 simple tips for beginners on how to make GoPro cinematic footage.

How to Make GoPro Cinematic | 5 Tips for Beginners
How to Make GoPro Cinematic | 5 Tips for Beginners


Start simple, the reason why I choose to use the 2.7k at a 120 frames a second, as preferred outdoor cinematics sequence setting. It gives us the best of both worlds.

Shoot Flat

Using flat as opposed to shooting GoPro color can drastically increase your dynamic range. Having the ability to add a little bit more range when it comes to color grading can make your GoPro footage look way more cinematic.

Good Music

There are two key features that are game-changing when it comes to trying to find good music. For this, you can try out royalty-free music from YouTube audio library.


To create those cinematics edits, your transitions play a huge role. The one transition that is super simple to execute and can drastically improve your GoPro footage is the Match Cut.

You can achieve this by matching the cut of a point of view perspective. You can use, a bite mount and having a high five. This can slowly slap the camera to cover the lens and transition your footage by removing your hands to the camera lens and reveal another footage from your travel videos.

Aspect Ratio

Using your video editor, create a 2:1 aspect ratio. Choosing a 2:1 aspect ratio over 16:9, the 2:1 can easily be replicated the screen size often seen in cinemas.

Credit to Jake Rich

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