The 25 GoPro Hero 9 action camera accessories for Travel and Vlogging that you need. We will gonna break this down into four different sections. So we’re gonna start with, BASIC ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES FOR VLOGGING, ACCESSORIES FOR CINEMATIC VIDEO, ACCESSORIES FOR ACTION AND OR WATERSPORTS.


SCREEN PROTECTORS this are tempered glass screen protectors by TELESIN and they come its screen protectors for your front-lens and also frontscreen for the GoPro hero 9 and the back LCD screen. So the GoPro hero 9 you can finally remove the front lens filters which you can’t do it in hero 8.


SPARE GOPRO FILTER so this means have you ever damage your filters, scratches or break it so you just keep is a spare filter with us so we can swap at that out. And i think thats a better than adding another pieces of tempered glass in between the GoPro lens and possibly upgrading our video quality.


ZIPPERED CASE so in addition to a spare filter we also carried this Zipper case and its could your already GoPro and its give some protection on your front and back LCD as well is your lens. So just a little bit of peace of mind.


MEMORY CARD so the next thing you need in your GoPro Is your memory card so the GoPro still take micro sd card, there rather cheap this days so I recommend getting a minimum 64 Gg bites Card we attain to use 180 Gg or 256 cards and that is quickly fine for all the video shooting that we do GoPro.


SPARE BATTERY AND BATTERY CHARGER so this is the officially GoPro hero 9 battery and is different for the all GoPro hero batteries because the hero 9 is I think is the biggest GoPro that they made and so this battery is a little bit bigger than even hero batteries so this is very specific to your GoPro model, this is the official GoPro battery charger so you can charge up to GoPro batteries that is time, so all the topic of the official GoPro Accessories.


SIDE DOOR REPLACEMENT for your GoPro so the side of your GoPro you can actually come off and thats for attaching your medium mode or for attaching your alternative medium door or such as by this ULANZI so after with attaching the side door you can use nice protection of your battery and your memory card but leaves all little hole so that you can access usb c port, is just a little handy for charging or for connecting your GoPro to your computer and addition for that you also get a corner inch red and a coped the amount for attaching accessories if you do use this store just be aware that your GoPro is no longer waterproof but other than that is really handy if you want to attach to accessories.


INSTA360 SELFIE STICK so you can’t film with your GoPro just like this but you won’t get the best ability so if you want a really good disability plus effect ability when you’re filming do you want to use a grip such as this is Insta360 Selfie stick so this is the main grip that we were using when are GoPro this days and is such a great because you can extend really really easily so if you ever want to get a high range or such a GoPro to get too many people from the frame then this grip is has been fantastic


JOBY GORILLAPOD two other alternative grip what we use is the Joby GorillaPod because the bendy arms then let you attach to GoPro you just about to any surface.


GOPRO 3 – WAY that we like again for the flexibility of going from hand grip to become a extending grip we never we need a little bit of height or to angle a GoPro to be in the different positions.


QUICK RELEASE MOUNT the next accessories is related to grips so these is a magnetic quick release has a GoPro mount in top and the bottom is a corder-inch tripod trades so how you can use this its is attached it to one of your grips such as this is a 360 pull and when i have the other pieces attach to your GoPro I can very easily attached to the grip just like that it is a rock scaled fold into a lot faster and more flexible for having two an screwed this every single time you wanted take your GoPro mount we have several of this magnetic mounts and it’s basically click with on every group we use so if when i wanna go from the it is 360 pull to the Gorillapod all we have to do is remove the GoPro and attach it to the other group you wanna use. CLAW and is kind a similar to the magnetic quick release but the main difference is doesn’t have the GoPro attachment instead of standard corner inch tripod trade so how we use it is I put one piece of the bottom of a grip such as a instant 360 stick it has corner inch trade on the bottom and then i put the other piece on something like a tripod plates or in this case this is a black crapes scarps for holding your camera on your shoulder and so i put one piece on the bottom so if i ever want to have a camera scarp arounds me and i wanna have the GoPro Hanging there or maybe i wanna just take it off and then i keep use the quick release that way.



GOPRO MEDIA MOD the first very important piece, so the media mod right is only available for the hero 8 and 9 it is model specific you have to get a media mod its gonna fit your GoPro but the great thing about the GoPro media mod it has a build a microphone and then back it also gives you a usb c port and a micro HDMI port and 3.5 millimeter microphone chat. That part is really important because GoPro hasn’t had a microphone chat in the camera’s since euro 2 so if you want add an extra microphone to your camera which is GoPro you almost definitely do have to find away to add that 3.5 millimeter microphone chat.


GOPRO MIC JACK ADAPTER you have to get this mic jack adapter for GoPro and any other mic adapter cause is gonna work through is something about the way the engineers this mic adapter then make it work only with GoPro and actually work really really well despite the fact that is about this big as a GoPro but itself.


GOPRO VLOGGING CAGE so this is two GoPro hero 9 cage alternative that give you space for the GoPro and also for GoPro mic adapter is are model specific so you have to buy the cage thats gonna fits the GoPro that you’re using one is the metal and the is plastic, the metal obviously is a lot of stronger so it’s helps if you accidentally drop the GoPro hut is also a lot of heavier and more expensive I actually preferred plastic versions we use it plastic GoPro Vlogging cage for the GoPro hero 7 and entire year we use it despite dropping it multiple time plastic really held up so a preferred for plastic is a lot more like weight and still very strong and gives you all of the feathered that you gonna need for Vlogging in GoPro.


EXTERNAL MICROPHONE now the GoPro itself actually have pretty good internal microphones they really been improving it model after model and then the hero 9 I think is the best ever and then also goes GoPro media mod so the GoPro hero 9 media mod again has built in microphones and this mics is actually really good like they improved the sound quality in the media mod better than I expected.


EXTERNAL LIGHT and the main reason why you need external lights is if you ever wanna shoot after dark with the GoPro because if you ever tried to do that you know that GoPro sucks a low light shooting and hasn’t change the Hero 9 the only way you can vlog for filming with the dark GoPro is with the new external lights. There are quite few external light options right there so I’m gonna talk about the 3 particular all of this light rechargeable battery and it’s waterproof and weather proof very very strong so the first i have here is the official GoPro light mod and this is you know honestly is okay but i think it is really expensive for what it is and then you can pay for another light around the same price it a lot of pay for bag.



GOPRO GIMBAL now GoPro has a really really good build stability, hyper smooth was is introduced in a GoPro hero 7 and hero 9 i think is the better an ever so you arguably don’t need a Gimbal to get all through smooth footage but you might you a Gimbal if you are planning to move in such a way that you can’t memec as it human, so if you trying to get you know a super slow and stayed footage in such realistic is really hard to do with your arms and your hands so if you haven’t gimbal that’s help you to really smooth that your footage is even further. Gimbal is also help to do more sophisticating camera moves, such as follow focused or inception mode or motion time laps although the things you can’t do with out the gimbal so this.


GOPRO ND FILTERS so most cameras GoPro in colluded if you do that and then your full images is probably gonna be blowing out so it you balance the light in your footage you need ND Filters. So this is the Filter by polar pro and this is ND Filters by telison they work a little bit differently that polar pros actually place the front the filter GoPro whereas this telison filter is going top of your existing GoPro filter so this is a little faster to change out when you out the field.


GOPRO DISPLAY MOD now this came out right before the GoPro hero 9 did and its simply reflecting to a lot of people because the GoPro hero 9 came it in front faces screen and this is display mod ultimately supposed to give you that front facing screen on camera’s that didn’t have it but you still display mod like this if you wanna film cinematic footage with your GoPro and the main advantage that display mod gives you a such that it can bend so that you can film in different positions and still giving you a screen if you only use existing GoPro screen then have to be down eye level with it to so what’s your footage filming or connect to your GoPro app and neither does is really inconvenient but if you haven’t this display mod like this is such go on top on the GoPro claw shoe and then you can foot this display mod on so you can film in down low and still giving you see what you’re filming.



GOPRO BACK PACK CLIP this is one of the first mount that i ever use in GoPro because we are all that back pack honesty but it is look a like in a clip chips and it’s functions a lot in the same way but you can clip this to your back pack either in the side straps or the front chest straps and then it helps you get a beauty perspective while you’re in the move and had your hand free.


GOPRO JAWS I meanly use this jaws when I’m trying to get the GoPro into a really awkward space we’re i tripod won’t fit. So think like a window ledge or the side of the table or if you doing action your handle bars on the bicycle or the motorcycle.


JOBY SUCTION CUP and I like the suction cup because is really super handy for filming inside or outside of the car, so we use it suction cup on outside of our car we never we trying to get a driving videos. We also attach to the inside of the car for we never we try vlog over in the car, this suction cup might look pretty funzy but incredibly strong we we’re driven with 7 miles per hour with the GoPro attach to the outside of our car with the suction cup and never has a problem. GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging


CABLE TETHER this came in super handy when i went weight water rafting last year, so it turn to this cable for extra security because one side has a loop that just big enough to fit around the GoPro screw and then the other side has a carabiner so you can attach to your belts or backpack o might case a life vest and this is a extra security incase you’re go for falls off and did came it very handy when i jump of the clip with a GoPro attach me because GoPro dingle fly off with my life vest but luckily it didn’t get lost thanks to this tether. GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging


PROTECTIVE CAGE speak of the security you might wanna know investigate cage GoPro to protected especially if you do a lot of sport GoPro might be go fall and got damage. GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging


DIVE CAGE something else you need to your GoPro is a Waterproof housing or a Diving cage so the GoPro Hero 7, 8, and 9 are all waterproof with out the cage but might still need a cage if you intent in deep dive of your GoPro for using a cage like this to waterproof GoPro to up to 60 meter under water which is pretty impressive. GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging


DOME PORT this is also a waterproof housing of sorts, but the main reason you might need something like this is if you wants to get in image like this so you probably seen this half under water and half above water images there actually really hard to get unless you use a dome like this. GoPro Accessories Travel Vlogging