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First Time I Ever Traveled Alone @patcreatesdigital

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First Time I Ever Traveled Alone – @patcreatesdigital

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Have I told you, the first time I ever traveled alone was when I went to Siargao?

I traveled a total of 12 hours. I had a tight budget, constantly scared, crying and utterly confused about which bus to hop on next. It was a craziest but I’ll have it no other way.

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From someone who has absolutely NO SENSE OF NAVIGATION, traveling alone terrified the crap out of me.

I have 2 options back then:

  1. I could go home, cancel and accept defeat,
  2. or I could push on and prove myself a point

You have no idea how much courage i had to muster just to choose the latter.

Then it hit me. How courageous am I! Fear could come in many form. And I’ve been swallowing fear and taking myself on challenges for the long time! I either emerged victorious or learned a lesson the hard way- both which, of course an avanue for growth.

It was funny to think that fear only resided in the head. That the other side of fear was not MORE fear. Rather, it was confidence, happiness, content, freedom, and peace of mind. The pride in knowing you Can and you WILL triumph in the end. (Click here, to read more about the featured tourist experience)

And this is what i wanted to tell you. Fear does not deserve to reside in your head for long time. Whatever it is that scares you, do it, when your knees are trembling and you’re on the verge of crying. Do it anyway!

You Are Powerful!

First Time I Ever Traveled Alone - @patcreatesdigital
First Time I Ever Traveled Alone – @patcreatesdigital

You are capable of evolving into a best version of yourself. Your job right now is to seek and know your higher self. So seize that power within you. Cultivate it like a seed. Let NOBODY tell you you can’t do shit. You deserve everything yo have because you TOILED FOR IT. I can’t promise fear would vanish altogether but know that no mountain is insurmountable.

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