DTI ONLINE REGISTRATION 2021 – Good morning everyone welcome back to samthingtodo. Every week we come up with tips tutorial on all things and all thing. So recently I haven’t been uploading because I am been busy with my masters but I’m back with the new tutorial on how to register your business with DTI.

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Before we go through with your registration I will recommend checking out my other video on the do’s and don’t of DTI REGISTRATION, to avoid any penalties because umaabot ng 13,000 pesos penalties so I suggest to check at out the link is up here or in the description.

Anyway so let get to it

1Go to DTI Online Registration Website

Click here: DTI Online Registration Website
And then click the BUSINESS NAME SERVICES and once you there you’ll see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS so you just click that, you click AGREE and then I’ll bring you to next page.

So first question is ARE YOU A STATELESS PERSON? You put an NO
and your CITIZENSHIP? I’m assuming it we are all Filipino
And your FIRST NAME? So I’m just gonna put in like a fake name and your MIDDLE NAME? I’m gonna put NO MIDDLE NAME and LAST NAME? Doe and if you have a suffix put at in
Next is your CIVIL STATUS we put single and the GENDER is male

Then click NEXT and then review everything and then click PROCEED if your okay with that. Okay so if you’re doing online business you should register with NATIONAL Because you will be operating NATIONALLY for other kind of businesses and then you can go for REGIONAL OR BARANGAY.

2Business Name

So NEXT STEP the to come up with your BUSINESS NAME so the dominant name is what will need to your business and then the business name descriptor is more of describing what kind of business you’re running so for example you have an apparel manufacturing business then the business name descriptor will be apparel manufacturing and your dominant name can be whatever you want, can be John Doe apparel manufacturing.

So for the DOMINANT NAME will name it sample business name and then you have a drop down for your business name descriptor, so if your into clothing just type in clothing and then you’ll see all of the possible business name descriptors. So right now we will choose clothing trading and then you can CHECK the NAME AVAILABILITY, so when you click check the name availability you’ll see DOMINANT NAME / BUSINESS NAME descriptor, so that’s mean your dominant name will come first followed by business name descriptor so that sample business clothing trading or it can be business name descriptor followed by dominant name. So clothing trading sample business name so you can choose which one of those you want to applied for your business and then click VALIDATE BUSINESS NAME and that will validate with your business name mine take a while depending on your internet connection.

So here is the test result not yet process it just the glitch just CLICK NAME AVAILABILITY again and validate business name again and should come up with the result. So as you can see you’ve passed all of the statuses for your validation result, so if you one of this criteria on passed and then you have to come up to the New business name, so this one passed so we okay of that so just read all of their reminders once you’re okay of that just CLICK NEXT and then you will see of the total amount for you need to pay, for you’re gonna pay for your documentary stamp, registration fee and you’ll see the total fee. For national it is 2,030.00 pesos and if you’re okay with that just click YES so after you click YES you will be given your reference code and like to take a screenshot or write it down to paper because you’ll need this reference code later on just click continue

3Business Address

Next thing your need to fill out is your business address so select your region say ncr and the CITY of registration and your BARANGAY and your House/building no. And your street address to put in you ZIP CODE automatically entered the file the system add your mobile number. Your business activity automatically filled out when choose your business name.

4Personal Information

Next you put your personal information so this is your personal email address, the owners tin , your gender and your first name, last name , and this is already filled out based on what you entered earlier. And you can just choose to copy your business address if you’re residence address is the same. CLICK THE NEXT after clicking next you just review all of the information that you’ll ready entered to double check it correct and if is all good you just click next again and once you’re done just click confirm and proceed.

5Download the Information Form

You will be directed into your page you under taking and your consent form so if you okay with this we can choose to download and then click proceed. You will be directed to your payment details page here you’ll see all of the information and how much you have to pay and then you can choose payment method , so you can choose Gcash, Visa/mastercard, LANDBANK or over the counter DTI AND SMARTPADALA but that under development so for now will choose gcash so shall create continue this you later with how to pay by gcash . Next you will review all of the fees associated with the different payment option, right now gcash is add 10 pesos transaction fee other payment gateways like landbank, banknet, cash payment and pesonet have 15 to 30 pesos. DTI ONLINE REGISTRATION

6Confirm and Pay Online

NEXT you click process payment you’ll gonna be transferred to a login page for your gcash for your into put in your mobile number and click next and then you will be send otp or one time pin and you entered that so you can continue for your 2,030.00 pesos fee and then you’re done you will be able to download your DTI Certificate of to the website once your payment has been completed.