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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin Ethereum and Cryptocurrency are making noise online. I have been searching in this for quite some time now; the profit it brings after you engage in it is promising. I have read that it is the Ethereum currency miners mine to convert it to bitcoin. As I come across different articles, I find out that there’s an online calculator as to how much can you mine in and what is the specifications for you to prepare.

Others say, that mining Bitcoin thru Ethereum is very expensive. Then, I remember a quote saying “with great power comes with great responsibility.” – from the movie Spider-Man. That is why I search for it and study the flows and the mining rig.

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I will share a little bit of the website that I use to calculate the expenses and profit it brings.


Building a Computer For Ethereum Mining

Building a computer for Ethereum mining nowadays is easy; finding the right specification or its peripherals is hard. Ethereum mining requires the same specification as those high-end gaming computers. Making a competition against professional gamers and those people who are called online miners.

A computer for Ethereum mining requires the following:

1. Processor
2. Motherboard
3. Random Access Memory (RAM)
4. Video Card/GPU
5. Power Supply
6. Casing

Remember and Recommendation:
Remember – GPU is the most important part of the build, it is the one that will compute all the data mined online.
Processor – Intel Pentium or Higher is enough to run the Rig.
Motherboard When Choosing a motherboard, consider the number of pci-e slots 6 slots and above. You can check out MSI H310 F Pro that has 12 PCI-e card slots.
Random Access Memory (RAM) – 1 stick 8 Gigabytes Ram can do a decent job when mining.
Video Card/GPU – This is the most important part of the RIG, you will choose 8GB up for you to be able to farm Ethereum. You can not farm Ethereum with lower specs than 8 GB GPUs.
Power Supply – You should consider buying a good power supply for your rig so you can have ease of mind when the rig is mining. You will be safe from power fluctuation and interruption.

Calculate Your Bitcoin Earning Mining the Ethereum

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Why don’t we calculate our ROI? There is a website that offers online calculations in relation to Ethereum Mining. What-to-mine is a website that lets you select a GPU rig for your computer and the estimated daily earning. This website will give you an idea of what GPU to buy on. This is a very good tool for beginners and even pros that doesn’t want to trouble themself calculating the hash rate.

In order for the website to calculate; you will then first put the number of GPUs you plan and can afford to buy. The website will give you the hash rate and estimated calculation for you to be converted to your currency in dollars.


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