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About us – Siargao Islands Info is a Local & Travel Website, where we share people’s stories, culture, and places from tourists on the island. Siargao is now famous as next to the Boracay an island in the central Philippines. What is our goal? Our goal is to provide additional information to people who plan to visit the islands of Siargao.

Welcome to Siargao Islands Info – Siargao Islands Info

We understand that not all travelers are ready to travel without a plan, there are tourists who wish they knew the place before they go. The tourist spots, the famous landmarks that others are saying, beautiful and mesmerizing nature views and the locals who live there. Some travelers or tourists care for the expenses and budget that they have to prepare in order to enjoy. The accommodation that they have to book before coming, especially now that the compliance is very strict. These are some of the reasons and answer that we would like to share with you.

This website is very new, May 2, 2021, is the date we first published the web pages.

We hope you enjoy the contents as much as we love providing information that can help you reach the islands of Siargao without worries. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. About Us


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